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Wish List


vauclain Carette 2350 Vauclain
slh Marklin SLH 70/ 12920 Borsig Locomotive
1021 Marklin CE1021
stube-schwebebahn A monorail set made by Richard Stube, a model of Germany’s Wuppertaler Schwebebahn. Made in the 1950s (1956)
gils A cast aluminum (slush mold?) streamliner from Gils of Belgium.
cars Autoroute slot car set from Louis Roussy of France in the 1930s.
lithograph-dollhouse I would like to obtain at least one antique lithographed dollhouse…just because.
original Marklin Fencing
tippco Tippco Reischsautobahn race car set.
marklin Marklin destination platform. Spur 0/1
Marklin O gauge Schlitz Beer Car
Marklin O Gauge 1808/0 Beer Car
Marklin O Gauge 1688/0 Beer Car
Marklin O Gauge 1688/0 Beer Car
Marklin O Gauge 1688/0 Beer Car
Marklin Junkers plane
Marklin Station
Marklin station
Marklin Submarine 5081
Marklin  HS 64/13020 Gauge 1
Marklin Kraftwagen O Gauge
Marklin 1932/0 Speisewagen
Marklin 1931/0 Coach
Marklin 1870/0 O Gauge Special wagen
Marklin RO Live steam O Gauge
Marklin O gauge loco and tender
Marklin 1830/0 Kipwagen
Marklin 66/12920 O Gauge
Marklin 1954/0 Tank car O Gauge
Marklin O gauge LVE
Marklin O gauge Summer wagon 1825/0
Marklin CE 1021 Gauge 1
Marklin SLH 70/12920
Marklin O gauge postwagen 1822/0
Marklin 1925/8400/0 O gauge
Marklin 1925/8400 O Gauge
Marklin 1925/8400 O Gauge
Marklin O gauge 1842/0
S13070/0 O Gauge Trolley and trailer
Marklin CL64/3021 O gauge
Marklin O gauge 1844/0 Postwagen
Marklin O Gauge 1841/0 Coach
Marklin covered wagon as in top left O gauge
Marklin O Gauge
Marklin 1855/0 O Gauge hopper
Marklin 1893/0 O gauge Baggage car
Marklin SPRR O gauge car
Marklin coastal gun
Marklin Der Adler
Marklin Stephenson Loco O Gauge
Marklin baggage car O gauge (lower right)
Marklin 1846/0
Marklin Zeevish Car O gauge
Marklin Seefische Car O gauge
Marklin  O gauge locomotive 1020
Marklin canopy O Gauge
Marklin Triebwagen TW 66/12940 0 Gauge
Marklin O gauge
Marklin 1994/0 Gargoyle
Marklin 2997/0 O Gauge PLM
Marklin O Gauge PLM Coach
Marklin turnstile
Marklin O gauge reefer
Marklin O gauge hospital car
Marklin O gaueg gas cylinder car
Marklin rennwagen
Lionel race cars – Cars only
Bing Schlitz reefer – O gauge 4 wheeled
Bing O gauge yellow caboose as in picture
Bing OI gauge live steam loco
Bing O gauge PACIFIC ( German or American versions)
Bing O gauge American profile loco
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