My Collection


Originally I had started to display my collection in the living room, even going so far as to build a wall unit with glass shelves to hold the trains. This was great for the first eight trains but when it went beyond that I was asked to move to the basement.




Now have almost every wall covered!



Large Gauge Trains
This corner displays all of the large gauge trains (Standard Gauge or larger)
Pieces from Lionel, Ives, Elektoy, Voltamp, and Carlisle & Finch from America and Bing, Marklin and Edobaud from Europe.  These are my favorite pieces because they are the most unique.  When I started collecting trains I might have heard of Lionel before…not sure…but I had never heard of or seen any of the trains on these shelves before in my life!

I wanted to collect something antique and for the most part these pieces are antiques and as such look the part…of gently used but enjoyed toys from over 100 years ago.



Ives O Gauge & Cast Iron Trains
These shelves display primarily Ives O gauge electric trains from 1910 through 1929.

The train on the top shelf is a 1938 Lionel OO gauge (their answer to HO) which was slightly larger in size than HO.  The locomotive is a half pint version of the O gauge Lionel 700e (not shown).  This line of trains was discontinued when production was halted due to WWII.








Import Locomotives
More locomotives from Great Britain, France and Spain from manufacturers Hornby, Bassett-Lowke, Fournereau and Paya. The locomotives here are from the 1930s with the exception of the blue on (3rd from bottom) which is a 1950s production piece from Bassett-Lowke.


One thought on “My Collection

  1. Richard Sappelli

    I see you have some very exceptional toy trains. It was a good decision on your part to collect only the very best trains that you could and you have done famously. I see many hard to find trains that you have “found” and you are to be commended. Keep on going. Thanks for the look see.
    Richard Sappelli, TCA, LCCA. Penna.

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