Manufacturer: Ives
Mfg Code: 67
Type: Caboose
Designation: The Ives Railway Lines
Circa: 1928-1929
Color: Red with rubber stamping
Length: 6″
Description: Probably the rarest 0 gauge caboose made by Ives – this one was sold in 1928, maybe 1929. Except for the doors it is NOT lithographed. It is painted and rubber stamped in Silver. The interesting part about this caboose is that they used the same stamps they used for the Standard Gauge caboose. I know at least one of these Cabooses came in an unmarked Montgomery Ward set. This caboose exists either because they were saving money to make cheaper some promotional sets or it was made in early 1928 before Lionel and Flyer came in and started using their equipment.