Buyer Beware

When is the truth the truth and when is it misleading? I was looking for a Hornby Royal Scot Locomotive and found one on eBay. It was a buy it now or make an offer deal. I made the seller an offer, he accepted and the deal went through. Yesterday I received the locomotive and I am not entirely happy with my purchase. I went back to look at the original ad to see if I missed something and the truth is I received EXACTLY what the ad stated. I have reprinted the ad here:


Grading C-7 Excellent considering its age

A beautiful Hornby Royal Scot locomotive and tender. This will be the first of many pre-war locomotives that I will list here on eBay.Others will include County Of Bedford,Eton,and many special tank LNER’s.Please do not hesitate to inquire and ask questions,or even offer information for me which I always welcome. This engine and tender is untested and in very good/plus condition.Has been strict display since purchase in 2004 in New Zealand.

Thank you for viewing! Sounds good? Looks good? The actual locomotive I received was a clockwork locomotive that has an electric unit (looks new) installed into it. There is a hole on the side where the key would have gone originally. I never noticed before but this side was not photographed in the ad. The nuts that hold the “guts” in place were loose in the box and the drive wheels don’t move at all. So in my opinion the ad was misleading in that it never mentioned that the loco was reworked and possible seized.only that is was “untested”. In all honesty, it looks good for display purposes but then the amount I spent for a reworked locomotive was too much. In the future I will probably end up buying another Hornby locomotive from the UK rather than eBay. Recommendations for others, makes sure there are pictures of all sides of an item for sale and ask questions.


One thought on “Buyer Beware

  1. Richard Sappelli

    I receive searches from eBay every day for certain types, kinds, etc of toy trains. Many days I look at the ads and see what I think are good items and then when looking at the actual listing I am amazed as to what they are putting on there. Their descriptions are terrible, the photo stink and they bought it from an estate and do not know mush about trains. HA!!!! There are crooks out there waiting for the sucker. And my friends been suckered as they then come to me to fix and buy the repair parts. I have thousands of LIONEL original repair parts. Many times what they received is just junk. And many listings say No Returns. So it is a Buyer beware on eBay and other train sites. So ask for more pictures, and ask questions. If you do not get the item – another will come along. I got a Lionel No 2 trolley after waiting 45 years. I love it and it was worth the wait. rjs.

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