Manufacturer: Weeden
Mfg Code: No. 1
Type: Live steam locomotive
Gauge: O
Circa: 1931-35
Color: Black
Length: 12″
Description: The Weeden #1 Steam Locomotive was introduced in 1931 and produced into 1933. It was 12″ long X 2½” wide and 4″ high. It was an ‘O’ gauge 4-4-0 locomotive that could be run on standard ‘O’ gauge 3 rail or 2 rail track. The locomotive came without a tender or cars. It was designed to pull ‘O’ gauge cars made by other manufacturers. The locomotive was an alcohol-fired, 6 wick, live steam engine with a jackshaft drive. It is driven by two oscillating cylinders. Steam is exhausted up the stack via tubes that carry the spent steam from the cylinders. These locomotives are not known to be very good pullers however. It pulls with all four drivers, which are powered by a gear train from the crankshaft to the front axle via an idler gear, and then to the back axle through another idler gear. The siderods are slotted and don’t transmit any power. This model was Weeden Manufacturing Company’s attempt to re-enter the toy train world after many years of not offering live steam driven trains. It cost $15.00 in 1931.