Postwar – LR SNCF Locomotive

Manufacturer: Louis Roussy
Mfg Code:
Type: Locomotive and tender
Gauge: O
Designation: SNCF
Circa: 1948-1955
Color: Green


2 thoughts on “Postwar – LR SNCF Locomotive

  1. Fred van der Lubbe

    Nice BLOG! I hope you dont mind a correction: This Prewar – LR SNCF Locomotive is postwar (1948-1955) LR locomotive. It is a 4-4-2 so the one you show does have one axle short.

    1. David

      Hi Fred,
      I appreciate the correction, thank you. I bought this from a well-known German train dealer and he had in the listing that it was from the 1930s, so I just repeated the information.
      I put a portion of the original ad in the post.


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