A world of toys from days gone by…


Hello and welcome to my personal blog about old toy trains and toys.

I am a man in his early fifties that enjoys spending time in the warmer weather in the garden and around the outside of the house.  On the flip side, living in Canada, the winters are long and can be boring, so I thought it would be fun and challenging to build a collection of something… and at the same time to write a blog about it!


All I knew is that I wanted to collect something relatively small and I wanted this collection to be unique…and antique!

One day on another of many antique store excursions I spotted a highly-detailed black steam locomotive displayed on a piece of track in a display case.

I knew from that moment what I was going to start a collection of…old toy trains!

It turns out that the locomotive I bought was a Lionel postwar 1666.
I am not a model train fanatic by any means…I am just a bit crazy about old things.  Antique model trains and toys create a delightful sense of joy for me…a feeling of nostalgia for a time in history that really only exists in my imagination…

I really like the way they used to make things…including toys.  There was a tremendous amount of time put into making many things a hundred years ago…and time that one could not afford today.

I grew up in the beginning of a era where everything was disposable and easily replaced.  I would be lucky when I was a young boy if my toys lasted a week, so being able to touch, admire and display toys that have made it through generations is fantastic.

My toy train collection consists of an eclectic mixture of prewar O gauge pieces and a few truly antique larger scale model trains from all over the world.

This blog was devised in the hope that it might spur some interest in someone to invest their time in a really interesting and unique hobby that seems to have enjoyed better days.

This “virtual museum” of pictures of beautiful vintage toy trains and will be my little contribution towards promoting a hobby that was at one time called the
“World’s Greatest Hobby”



If we wish to email me without going through the comments, you can contact me here

4 thoughts on “A world of toys from days gone by…

  1. Richard Sappelli

    What is that really cool green center cab electric train on the head of the glossary page. I love it!!!!!! Tellme more – please. I have seen many toy trains ion my 55 years of collecting but never that one. Could it be for sale maybe???

  2. David

    Hi Richard,
    The electric locomotive that you saw is an Edobaud 2-B-2 locomotive from France. While this one is not for sale you will find them from time to time on eBay France.

  3. Kurt

    I found a small solid lead train car in my back yard when I was digging. It has a axle and wheels all lead,that move on one side but other side was missing. No marking what so ever. Its about 3 inches long and sits about an inch high. Anyone seen anything like it before? My house is very old too btw.i can post picture later.

    1. David

      Hi Kurt,
      I think that pictures are in order. You state that the train is made of lead. Early “penny-toys” from Europe were in fact made of lead, very soft and easily broken or bent. These toys are typically less than 2″ in length. Your loco is more apt to be cast iron or zinc, but would not be able to tell you much more without some visual representation.

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