A world of toys from days gone by…

Hello and welcome to my personal blog about old toy trains and toys.

I am a man in his early fifties that enjoys spending the warmer weather in the garden and around the outside of the house.  On the flip side, living in Canada, the winters are long and can be boring, so I thought it would be fun and challenging to build a collection of something… and at the same time to write a blog about it!


All I knew is that I wanted to collect something relatively small and I wanted this collection to be unique…and antique!

One day, on another of many antique store excursions, I spotted a highly-detailed black steam locomotive displayed on a piece of track in a display case. I knew from that moment what I was going to start a collection of…
Old toy trains!

I am not a toy train fanatic by any means…I am just a bit (more than a bit) crazy about old things.  Antique model trains and toys create a delightful sense of joy for me…a feeling of nostalgia for a time in history that only exists in my imagination.

My toy train collection consists of an eclectic mixture of prewar O gauge pieces and a few truly antique large scale trains from all over the world.

This blog was conceived in the hope that it might spur some interest in another to invest their time into an interesting and unique hobby that seems to have enjoyed better days.

This “virtual museum” of pictures of beautiful vintage toy trains and will be my little contribution towards promoting a hobby that was at one time called the “World’s Greatest Hobby”

If you are looking to buy old, antique or prewar toy trains you may want to check out my list of links here.  If toys other than trains are your interest check out the links to antique and vintage toy sellers here.


What collecting means to me is likely quite different than what it means to a “serious” collector. I find that when you see wording such as “collector grade” or a “collector’s dream” they are referring to pieces that are original, basically new or unused and in their original packaging.

caretteThe word “collector” has been assigned to the individual that buys an item primarily for its value or more so it’s potential future value. Today’s meaning of the word collector could be almost interchanged with the word investor.

So where does that leave me? I am a person that is amassing a collection of old model trains, like a museum of sorts. I collect based on visual appeal and have a desire to find all of the required pieces to complete a train once I have acquired a single piece.

It is my hope that you enjoy this blog and the hobby.