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A world of toys from days gone by…

Welcome to my personal blog about old toy trains.

This blog was conceived in in the hope that it might spur some additional interest in an interesting and unique hobby that some say has enjoyed better days.

caretteI’m a man in his early fifties that enjoys spending the summer in the garden and around the outside of the house. On the other hand, living in Canada, the winters are long and the garden is frozen! I made a conscious decision to collect something to fill in the off months.

I wanted a collection to be one that took up little space and that would be unique…and antique!

On a fall day in 2013, on an antique store excursion, I spotted a highly-detailed black steam locomotive displayed on a piece of track in a display case. As it turned out it was a Postwar Lionel 2026.
I knew from that moment that I would like to start collecting “antique” toy trains!


I am not an antique toy train fanatic by any means…I don’t yet have any clothing with an embroidered locomotive on it and my phone ringtone is not a choo-choo sound.
I am just crazy about old things.  Antique model trains and toys create a delightful sense of joy for me…a feeling of nostalgia for a time in history that literally only exists in my imagination.


I wanted to create a presentation of the wide variety of toy trains that were available prior to WW II, both in my collection and through the pictures in this blog.

My toy train collection today consists of an eclectic mixture of prewar O gauge pieces from the late 1800s to the start of WW II and a few truly antique large scale trains from all over the world.
This “virtual museum” of pictures of beautiful vintage toy trains and will be my little contribution towards promoting a hobby that was at one time called the “World’s Greatest Hobby”

It is my hope that you enjoy this blog and the hobby of toy train collecting.


P.S. If you want to contact me, you can email me here.



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