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A world of toys from days gone by…

Hello and welcome!

This blog was conceived in 2013 with the hope that it might spur some interest in a very interesting and unique hobby that some would say has enjoyed better days.


I originally got interested in collecting old toy trains not too long ago because I have always loved antiques. Be it old houses or furniture or anything that is old and has history.  Pieces that tell a story.
Why not toys? Antique toys….

I set out to build a collection of prewar toy trains that would offer a reasonable representation of the major prewar manufacturers…from around the world.

Today, my train collection  consists of around 400 pieces…an eclectic mixture of prewar O gauge pieces from the 1850s to 1940 along with a selection of obscure larger gauge pieces.


The links along the right hand side of every page on this site lead to individualized pictures and information on most of the pieces in this collection.
You can browse the gallery of all the items in one place here

If you wish to contact me, you can email me here

I do apologize for the ads that may appear on this blog.  WordPress lets me use their service for free if they put up ads.

Additional links that may be useful to anyone collecting or considering collecting toy trains:



2 thoughts on “A world of toys from days gone by…

  1. Who does the little carpet train, pictured on your page, belong to ? Do you have any information on it ? I didn’t see it in your collection. Thanks

  2. Hello David,

    I see you have a very nice collection of trains and beautifully displayed. I too have been a collector for 40+ years and have and extensive collection ranging across the board of all manufactures. Naturally Lionel being the most plentiful and very much into standard gauge. The reason I am contacting you is asking you to make a correction in your onsite description of the Lionel 385E along with tenders included. Your reference states that the 1935 385E came with a 385TW CRACKLE GRAY tender. I`m sure this is nothing more than confusion with the 1933 384T (EARLY VERSION CRACKLE GRAY). The ONLY crackle gray tenders were made in 1933 NEVER 1935. I think you are referencing from David Doyle`s book on prewar. Even David Doyle`s book has the Type 2 and 4 pictures reversed. It would not bother me too much but as a TCA member you know it is easy for a new collector to make mistakes. There is a gentleman selling a 385E set on Ebay right now using your reference as having and original 385TW tender in CRACKLE GRAY. The tender is clearly restored. Maybe I`m just being over reactive but just trying to stop a young collector from making a mistake, like I have done in my early years of collecting. Maybe sending him a note of correction. I`m sure you don`t want to be misquoted also.

    Keep up the hobby, we welcome young collectors and a: MERRY CHRISTMAS

    David Leitheiser

    TCA 82-17474

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